hmf high mount maps

Any pics for us yet dude? I'm deciding between a Brock's and the HMF's. So i'm digging up any info I can find for research.
All of you guys that are running either stock Dynojet maps or Acro maps need to take NJ up on his offer. I have been running one of his maps for a while now and it is so much better than the others mentioned...
You cannot believe the difference, trust me...
Try his maps...

ok they have arrived

oooooohhhhhh packing peanuts...(should have seen them shoot out of the pipes when i started for first time...wife and kids loved it

ok i removed the bolts and brackets so that oil cooler would drop out of way and radiator would rotate forward to allow more room

shows how far down the oil cooler will drop with bracket and two bolts at top removed

three bolts and unclip the connection and with radiator pulled out of way you can pull fan straight out left side and then rotate top down to slip out the fan without dissconnecting the hose...this is fan stock

three phillips head bolts in center removes stock fan heat protector and turn cut sections to create fan on the gasket..then realign the bolts with the muzzy fan and tighten

loosen bolts holding the pair valve pipes to the head and remove the pair valve...three bolts on the valve itself holding it to the block

loosen each of the two bolts holding the brackets for the pipes to each ...and there is i !@#%^% !@#@% bolt holding the pipes to the underneath of the frame...this bolt was lock-tite in sooo bad that not only did it bend the "nut holder" that was welded into the frame assembly below but it took me 3-4 hrs and the wife and my daughter to help me as i (since where it was positioned it was impossible to put a wrench on it) braced one half of an open ended wrench on the nut to keep it from turning as they used a socket wrench with a cheater bar to break it loose...wife finnaly got pissed after 3 hrs and it finnaly gave ...upon inspection of the bolt the treads of the nut ripped out of the nut and was siezed onto the bolt and came out with it......pic is of header and crossover..stock and pair valve assembly off

block offs installed with gasket ...tighten down nuts with small ammount of medium lock tite...(not the blue)

thread bolts that hold the bracket to the pipes to each position on the header..but leave loose can adjust after rest is put on for clearance

connect crossover to the headers (without springs untill full adjustment is made) and then slide s pipes for each side onto crossover (again do not clamp till finnal adjustment is made)

s pipe for left side VERY IMPORTANT THIS IS THE SIDE THAT NEEDS THE MOST CARE TAKEN AS IT WILL HIT THE SWINGARM (i used 4 washers for each bolt 8 total and also hand bended the hatchet bracket away from swingarm)