HMF Exhaust


I am thinking about getting the high mounts for my bike. Does anybody have this on their bike? What are your thoughts on this system.
Dude that was awsome. is that your bike? sounds great. i am definitely going with the HMF. do they supply the fuel mapping for those pipes?
Talk about timing....

I was at Stubbs S.W. in Houston yesterday getting my '03 the 600 mile check-up ($120 oil change), when I met a guy with an '03 Busa that only had 700 miles on it, and had the high-mount HMF duals on it already.

It was pretty sweet. He already had a fender eliminator, integrators, and some other "bling-bling", and the dual HMF.

It was very nice sounding and was really streamlined ( tucked completely behind the pegs. It looked like a whole different bike from the rear. I wish I would have taken a pic..... damn!!!!
IF you want it to run the best with good performance. get a PC II or III (depend on the year) and map it. You will also want to use a high air volume airfilter like BMC. More out more in...
The down and dirty is that pipe makes gobs of power. I have only seen two pipes that make 7hp on the Dyno after remapping. HMF is one of them. A lot of manufactures claim more but can't deliver. That is an awsome pipe. The other is the Brock pipe. I think they are priced about the same. I am running ladder of the two and very happy with it. The Brock pipe comes with the map. You just have to call and let him know what mods you have and your city for altitude. He'll even program a power commander with the correct map if you are buying it at the same time. Sorry to sound like a comercial I am just happy with the product, but you won't go wrong with the HMF.
Hey thanks a whole lot 200HP and thanks for the tip on buying my power commander from them at the same time. this will save me lots of time.