HMF Dual High Mount


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It would be a great appreciated to know where can I get the best price for the HMF Dual High Mount (Carbon) and Yoshimura EMS (HMF + K&N map installed)? This must be shipped to Bangkok, Thailand (FedEx preferred).

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So Cheese, what should I get to make my '00 busa run smooth with the HMF (This I really need one)?? I have read that '00 busa can use command II but it is not as good as the Yoshi EMS. Recommendation please...

And where can I place my order for the best price?
PC3usb will work on a 99-00 but you will have to get it custom mapped due to they just came out and not many have switched yet
Can the pc3usb make adjustment to the ignition or it needs other option to do so? And where can I get both of them sending to Thailand....
Was doing a little shopping on the net and found this at Cal Sports Bike. Hoping you have made the decision to go with the PCIIIUSB, but if not here is a link to what they have for sale. <a href="">Cal Sports Bike<a>
No more yoshi EMS. The site is still advertising them!??