HID Kit install questions

Hey guys,

I snagged a Bi-xenon kit off of ebay and am trying to install it tonight.

H4 Bi-Xenon HID Kit Bike Motorcycle 6000K SLIM Ballast:eBay Motors (item 170326205015 end time Jul-26-09 13:25:54 PDT)

It's different than the other thread on here. The instructions are in Engrish, so they're no help. The installation has gone smoothly so far except there are 2 wires (blue and brown) that don't seem to go anywhere, and so far nothing plugs into the factory plug. I figure they should come together, but the wire colors are all different (white, black, and yellow) on the factory plug, and blue and brown on the HID kit. Check out the Ebay link, you can see exactly what comes with the kit. The kit connects directly to the battery, so I'm not sure how/why it needs to connect to the factory plug, but supposedly this kit does High/Lo beam, so there must be a way to switch them. Any ideas?





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Cant tell from the pic what you have there. On all of the kits I have installed, there are two loose ends with a blade connector, those plug directly into the factory bulb plug. The rest is plug and play.


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Are those mystery wires part of the kit or part of your bike ? The kit I installed was plug and play. I see they advertise plug and play 30 minute install.

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