Hi Guys!!


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I know its been a while but Im still around. Just thought I would say HI!

missed you guys. what all have been goin on?? I just read about 20 pages of post and I know Im missing something still.

I do miss talkin to you guys and girls everyday. but seeing how Im not at my own shop anymore, Kawasaki kinda dislikes me working for them and helping out on a suzuki built bike site.

every time i get to come back, i remember just how much I love it here.

I miss you guys.

Hey Josh, good to see you back!! sooooo any chance of making Eureka again this year??
:welcome: back :laugh: we will be in Eureka Springs on June 5-7, come on up and join us :beerchug:
hey josh i have been wondering where you at i miss talkin to you

so lets just start on a suzuki store hows thta
Anyone notice what happens to Josh when you take his picture? (demon child) :laugh:
Hey, Josh! Hope you're doing okay. Drop by any time!


Sup Jester! Good to see ya if even once in a while:thumbsup::thumbsup: