Hey new guy from the uk.


Just parted my bike out for a 03 Hayabusa, And so far, No regrets! :) I joined this forum as I've always stuck by forums related to the bike I've owned "Makes sense" As not only are there like minded people, It helps me pick up on the important things to maintain a nice working bike :)

So my names Deano, Nice to meet ya all I will get round to uploading a pic of my black beauty soon, once she is all back together, She's in the middle of having a really good clean :laugh: havent stepped away from it since getting her not only because of how awesome she is but more down to a delightful temperamental datatool alarm which I'm having to wrap in foam because its gone a tad schizophrenic :/

Any how I enjoy meeting you all and learning more about these awesome bikes,

My previous bikes - GSXR1000k6 - TL1000s 97 x 2 - STREET TRIPLE 07 - GSXF1100 90 - GXSR 750 97 - BANDIT 600 96
Deano, welcome to the org and cheers to your new ride. That's a cool feeling when you can't stop staring at her. Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.:laugh:
Cheers Schism, chaney3000 and DrRobBusa It's got uber dark and I think I have successfully removed my DataTool 3 :) I feel so happy because now the neighbours have no reason to wanna kill me :laugh: I am stumped with this plug on the left back side, where they cut and spliced the alarm into it.... But it starts and runs with no FI code's LOL tell a little lie there was one it was the tip over sensor which was on upside down :p yes for a brief moment my bike thought it was doing a handstand and threw a c23 was nutts But once I find some piece of mind with this coupler with the orange wires then I should be able to get her all in one piece and take a snap then fit an alarm which isn't faulty :D
Just finished putting her right, and as you can see she's a mk1 but very very clean :)


thought id wave "HI"






Cheers all, Yeah I wanted a black one, Had too many colourful bikes, time for something more stealth like :p HAHA