Hey guys I have an exhaust question !


I am picking up a new full exhaust . My bike is brand new less then 1500 miles on it . Should I even worry about changing the header gaskets ? Also should I use some sort of gasket sealer on the actual part of the header that goes into the head ?


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new gaskets are RECOMMENDED if/when you remove/install headers. since already have gaskets, no sealant needed.
P.S. FWIW, I bought/installed new gaskets when I installed V&H headers on mine....did not want to risk an exhaust leak. PLUS, no matter how careful I was during removal of old gaskets, I failed to maintain its "virginity" when I picked/fished them out (edges got marred)


Schnitz has exhaust gaskets for about half the price of OEM. Not worth not changing them in my opinion, you are into the pipe for at least 1 large plus the time to pull the fairing whats a few extra bucks for gaskets? Hell I'd do the oil and filter while the fairing was off to get the break in crud out of there and start fresh also.


Also it would be best to block the pair valve, or remove it at the same time, or it will cackle on deceleration. This website has a great explanation of why, and how to do it, or the marble mod will provide the same results for little expense.


For the few extra dollars best to buy em and replace em. Ur going to spend between 900-1500 depending on system y not spend the extra $40 and have it all done right and be new. You don't do it and u but her all back together and find out u got a leak it's 1 going to suck to redo what you just did and 2 just a p.i.a to begin with to get the header and exhaust back off.


I sprayed Permatex copper Spray-A-Gasket high temp sealant on both sides of my new gaskets when installing my first exhaust. Also, sprayed the pipes where they fit together. IDK how necessary the sealant is but I have no leaks. One precaution about the use of sealant worth noting, if you have a tune or use a self tuning exhaust sampler, you may be getting extraneous gasses off of the sealant. I'm sure some part of it burns off, initially.

I used Cometic gaskets on my last header. They are made with a collapsible mesh. OEMs work great too.

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