Mr. Busa

Would someone be willing to send me a copy of the manual on CD? I recently formatted my comp and when I put the manual back on it, a few more pages were messed up. Now im stuck with a fully printed manual with missing or screwed up pages.  
I can make a copy I can send it to you. Just mail me your address.
How much trouble would it be for you to make two copies? I would be more than happy to reward you for your time...I and a few friends have Busa's and the manual would come in really handy...
Could you make me one too? I know stunnah started something bad...but I could never download it. We can work something out....$
Hey brennanop , If it would not be too much trouble, is there a chance I could get one of those copies. Would be willing To accomidate you $$, I was never able to download it.
Ok boys, I've made three copies already. I'll send them out soon.

I got a copy from Doc, and it has a bunch of other stuff too, 'Busa pics, video, pics of other mods and installs.
Boy, you opened a big can of worms Bren!

Guys, please do not distribute the naked pictures of my girlfriend that are also on that disk.

Could I get a copy of that manual too? Just let me know where to send the money and it will go out the door in the morning
I can also send via Paypal if that works better for you!


Ok, four copies. Let me figure out the $ and I'll get back to you all.