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I have an 01 busa.  I ordered from Schnitz racing, a Vesrah heavy duty racing clutch kit..  The kit consited of fibers, plates, HD springs, and gasket.  Price was good.  Now the questions.  The box says 02-03 busa.

Upon opening i found one of the fibers to be smaller or the coverage area not as "tall" as the rest when looking at the face of the fiber.  It's the same outer diameter as the rest but the inner is larger thus making the total height of the fiber wall thinner if that makes sense.

I removed my stock fibers and plates.  All were the same height although the two outer ones were thicker as normal I would guess.  The help I had thought it was a Mistake so we used one of the stock fibers in it's place.  Did I just FUBAR myself?

Then I read all the "clutch mod's" stuff and got more confused.  Should I have got a "clutch slave bracket"
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or a "clutch slave support"

or a "cylinder support"


I'm not sure now after reading and second guessing.

Also I have the "TWO PIECE" unit in the center of the hub w/slop.  I think it's called the "core", the one many weld together to get rid of the "clank" or replace with a one piece.  Do/should I do the one piece or weld? Where do I get one, and whats it called?  I thought BDE made it.

Do I need to worry about cracking the case do to heavy duty springs, etc etc.

Anyone have any input please share.  Now Im afraid ta ride the dayumm thing.

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