Help! Busa wont start/stay running


Ok, long story short, a week ago I went down, the right side pipe got torn off and broke the rear peg.

Now the busa wont stay running if it starts, or wont start at all. I removed the plugs they are black so they are fouled and I *think* this is due to the motor running rich without the right side exhaust (stock exhaust). When i remove the plugs when the bike wont start they are black and wet. This problem baffles me to no end.

Anyone have any ideas?
The bike is manufactured to run with both cans. If you change anything on the exahst then there is also some ajusting that needs to take place with the engine. All of this becomes a factor in finding out what is wrong. You can always go on ebay and find someone selling there stock pipes and start from there to see if that will fix things.

Just my 2 cents