Help again?


The other day i posted about a power commander. Well most said that it was a waste of money unless i was getn a full exhaust system. I just ordered my full exhaust. So my ? is do i now need the power commander r anything else to run the full exhaust system?
Thanks; Brad
you don't need it, you can get flashed....if I were you, i'd do the airbox mod, get a racing filter and then get flashed...or just get the commander.:thumbsup:
Sorry, i havent had the bike very long. U are gonna have to go into detail on what a flash is and the air box mod is. As for as that goes i have a k/n filter. Please Explain
He's talking about reprogramming the ECU. Full System GenI go power commander or have the ECU flashed.

Make all the mods you are currently planning before giving it to your tuner.

You'll definitely want to drop the pair valve and save some weight.
If you aren't gonna get a PC then dont bother putting on the full system