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I am thinking of buying a new helmet, but would like some input on the differences in helmet designs. A little background information first: I'm 5'7" and weigh about 175 lbs. Due to height, I'm probably arched over more than most of you 6'+ giants around here (must be nice). This arching causes a lot of neck strain when tilting my head back to see the road (I think it's important to see the road :) ). I currently have an HJC flip-front full-face helmet. I've tried looking up more while reducing the angle of tilt, but then I just see the lining in the helmet, and not ahead of the bike.

Question: (finally huh?)
Do different manufacturers design their openings to account for the tucked position? I'm looking for a larger view angle if possible. A picture might help explain what I'm looking for. See below.

I would like to get ideas on what people have used, or if anyone knows of a brand/model with what I'm looking for. I don't need a flip up helmet for the busa...To much wind and no cig lighter like the H-D.

Thanks in advance,
The problem is that the damn fools wouldn't let me wear the thing around the block to know if the helmet was right for me. Guess they didn't want to sell it bad enough. $Fif Hunerd Dollhairs, goodbye! :super:
Check into Arai, Shoei, Soumy, and Roof, roof is big in Europe, not much over here yet.  Whats important is to find a helmet that fits just right.  You know in Harry Potter when he finally gets the RIGHT wand in his mits... It should sort of feel like that.  Minus the lighting and dramatic music...I would avoid the majority of your cheaper helmets for a few reasons.  Wind Noise, Weight, and fitment.  The top shelf helmets are going to give you a longer service life as well.  
  Fit is the biggest thing, try on a bunch and get the one that fits snug without any pressure points.  In your particular case weight is prolly the real killer though, Arai and Shoei both have some seriously light weight helmets that really help reduce fatigue when you are in the Wind for a few hours.  I dunno first hand about the others weight or headshape wise.   But If you have a high quality head, get a high quality helmet, it really can make a big difference.  Dunno if any of the helmets out there are really going to improve your sight lines but a lighter helmet and maybe checking into Roof might help.
 My other thought would be that at your height, Heli-Bars will prolly make a huge difference comfort wise and will prolly give you just that little bit of extra uprightness you need to not have to worry about the helmet cutting into your line of sight.

My, $1.50

Hey Nick, who sells Roof in the States?  Do you have a good source?

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5'7 as well and I found that a lighter helmet resolved a lot of the neck strain from leaning over the tank with your head titled upwards. But then again I may not be reaching over as far as you -- I've got fairly long arms for my height are so I've been told. Any way check out an arai or shoei. I went with the Shoei X-SPII it was light and I got a great deal on it. As a matter of fact I gonna post some pics of it later today
I have found that almost all high dollar helmets are considerably lighter weight than the cheaper varieties/models and this alone makes a big difference in perceived neck strain. The important thing to find a light weight professional quality helmet that fits your head shape. There are many different shapes out there to choose from. Try as many as possible. And I feel my duty is to tell you that Arai is the only way to go (I am biased from years of happy use). I use a Quantum but if it does not fit your head, try an RX-7 or one of the other models. They all fit differently and are desinged for that reason. Shoei is a close second for quality.
Thanks for all the replies. I've thought about putting heli-bars on the bike. I've tried to simulate the distance by riding with only my fingertips on the grips, and it did seem to help. If I go with the heli-bars, then I'll definitely have to get the ZG DB windscreen. Christmas is coming :D .

I'll have to save up for the helmet no matter which one I choose. Maybe I'll just consider the helmet my winter project. I know the Arai helmets have a lot of different liners and shell shapes, so I'll have to find a dealer that is willing to do a proper fitment, and not just try to close the sale.

Thanks again to all, :beerchug:
Also, if there are any AMA roadrace events close to you head to one of those and check out the Vendors. Lots of times you will be able to find an Arai rep right there and they will be able to fit you perfectly.
If you buy a Arai from a dealer he is supposed to fit it to your head. I have a RX-7 Corsair and I love it. It's a little loud because of the vents, but it weighs nothing and It never fogs. A little pricey, but worth it. You can find some good deals on Ebay, but I would get fitted first. Dealers can't sell via mail anymore so might as well get fitted...
The ICON Rubatone Helmets are RADAR ABSORBANT, in other words they DONT reflect radar or laser!
True or FALSE

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I have two Arai's, a Quantum/F and an RX7RR4. Both of these are very good on the 'Busa. Though I am taller than you, I frequently crouch behind the DB and look forward and I feel that these helmets have a good field of view.

The Quantum is a bit more comfortable and and is a lot quieter.
Thanks everyone. Lot's of good replies. I think I'm just going to save up and get an Arai. I've gone through their website, and also contacted Arai tech support. I will not buy a $500 helmet without a proper fitment session. For $500 they should take a casting of your head to make it perfect :D .

I will miss the flip front HJC though. It's nice to have when at a gas station or if you're trying to talk to someone at a stoplight.

Thanks again for everyone's help :beerchug:
OK, my 0.3 worth.

I to am 5'7" tall. With the stock bars the bike was somewhat uncomfortable, the neck strain was not good.
I went to heli-bars and wow what a difference, now I could buy any helment and not worry about it.

I too tried the finger tip ride, not the same by a any amount.

Try the bars, you don't like them, I think you could sell them fast here on the board or on ebay.
Good - luck

Ride safe  
gaw- Thanks for the input. I'll probably add the bars this winter or early spring. It's pretty much winter here now. The temp right now is 25 degrees, and the high tomorrow is mid 30's.

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I like Arais, but the Shoei is DEFINITELY quieter. Therefore reduces rider fatigue which means you enjoy the ride longer.