Hello One and All,

I live in Southern Cali and ride an 02 with slip-ons and a re-map. I thought my bike was fast!  Some of you folks have lost your minds!!!!  Peace!


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Welcome.  <marquee>So who rides fast anyway?</marquee>

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Welcome to the board.

Not all of lost our minds after getting the busa...some of us lost our minds long before that.

its about freakin time u sign up on here! u got a problem with the busa these guys can usually help. any group of people that are willing to collect money for the man that allows us to have this website cant be all that bad!
Thanks for the welcome!! Yea briXXer, I know I'm a slacker but that's ALL I know! I had a little trouble posting a pic of the beast but I'll get it.

Banshee...welcome to the "club" of psychos. Yes we are truly a dysfunctional group.

To some of these guys 185 mph is "idling". They aspire to 225+ with lots of dyno time and mappin and remappin. They ain't happy with 9.6 1/4 mile times....they want to break into the 7s!!

Even a guy with a turbo and nitrous will want more juice just like a heroin addict wants more smack. Perhaps its genetic.
But they are a fine bunch of guys and they will educate you and be honest with you. And they WILL make you laugh...oh will they make you laugh.

Ride safe.