Hello Everyone


This looks like a great site! Great info, knowledgeable people, funny people etc. I think I have found a new "black hole"
You said it, it just keeps drawing you in. Do you have a Busa or do you just like the site?

Welcome aboard. :D
So jimi...You lost, confused, or just scouting the enemy?:super: :)

Don't matter what you ride, Welcome to the board...
Welcome! We are definitely visual learners here. Lots of info to be found and great people to associate with.
Welcome to the board.

Maybe someday you too can own the best bike on the planet!


We put up wit anyone.

Heck, these folks even put up with me! :D
So your running a Turbo Charged GSXR1000:super:? Dude, does your front tire get much use?
I wouldn't bother switching to a Busa unless of course you Turbo that as well, then you will be able to appreciate the comfort, handling and stability of the busa.
Welcome to the board, all are welcome... Even those of the green persuasion