Headlight Headache

test the wiring with a volt meter? did you take a good look at the head light switch?
Socket was off! Still can't get it on right no matter how hard I try. Fear I may have spread plug but measuring as best I can shows its not off by much if at all. I'm gonna try for a little while longer and get some rest. Will report asap tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for the help.
Got it! So sorry to waste your time but I greatly appreciate your help. Its fantastic and gives me courage to try stuff I never would. If you haven't changed a Gen II headlight you're in for a real treat if you do. As always its being careful, patient and thoughtful. All the mental badmouthing just slows a body down. Thanks again Manny.
Glad you got it, I removed the cluster cowling and gauge cluster to change mine and it only took minutes. My connector came off the following day. Back in and pushed it on better I guess. Been about a year now.
Thanks Robert. If it blows again some day I want to upgrade and now I won't be afraid to do it. That's a great way. Thanks for reading and writing.