I am looking at getting some 5200k headlights for the busa, and was wondering if anyone knows if a 100w bulb will melt my harness/blow fuses, or if the 5200k light will melt my lenses?? of course the guy selling them says OF COURSE NOT never even heard of that happening, but i thought i'd tap the infinite wisdom here and see what you guys think. sooooo?.?.?.?.?.

thanks in advance
If you are talking about the ones on ebay I've been using them for about 2 weeks and I have had no probs so far.
They are two 100watt bulbs so the high beam does not do much, kinda puts a brighter circle inside a bright beam but I like them.
I've used them for a short time. Several people have had problems, but I have a couple of Buddies that still run them without fail.
I'm running the HID light now.
The whitest, white you've ever seen!