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So when I bought this bike there was some issues and I didn't complain because I got the bike for a good price. Most of the issues were cosmetic. The exhaust was a hack job home made single side that leaked like crazy. The leak of course was causing me to loose power. Thanks to some great members on here I have gotten most stuff fixed. I replaced the exhaust with a factory header courtesy of Blazing-Saddle, and some Yoshi slip ons that I picked up off of craigslist. So back to the issue at hand.... once the exhaust was replaced no more power loss bike runs awesome. Problem now is once you get into it real good it starts to slip then catches and takes off. My buddy and I thought it may be the front sprocket. We pulled it all apart and discovered the sprocket in place was an offset sprocket. Replaced it with a factory sprocket and thought great problem should be fixed. Took it for a test spin...same issue. It does not do it every time and it does it in all gears. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? We tightened the chain took it for another spin still no luck. Looking for feed back or any info you guys and gals could give.

Sorry it was a book, but I needed to lay the ground work to explain why I didn't notice this when I first got the bike. BTW its a 2006 with 23k miles.
Slips in 2nd gear I bet. Common problem in above 8k rpm but will eventually get lower in the rpms. From what has been posted before, 750$ in parts alone for a transmision rebuild and about 1500$ for a good shop to do it. Undercut gears will save future issues of this happening. If you got it for such a good deal, it sounds like parting it out might make you more money then buy another one. Sorry for the bad news.
Are you using motorcycle oil.
Car oil can cause the clutch to slip.
I just had the oil changed at a local shop. I assume they used motorcycle oil. I can check. The guy that did it is my buddys little brother. That could be something to look into because all of this was done while it was apart and once put back together it started.


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How many miles ????....I just replaced my original clutch at 38,800. I was getting slip in high rpm downshifts. Did the full monty (fibers/steels/springs) and now it's back to being it's typical front end lifter..... :super:
Sounds more like an oil issue... 90% of the time, anything brown and wet will do, but sometimes it really makes clutches go out of wack if it is car stuff...
Sounds more like an oil issue... 90% of the time, anything brown and wet will do, but sometimes it really makes clutches go out of wack if it is car stuff...
I'm hoping so. I am gonna call my Buddys little brother today and see what they used at the shop.
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try to pay attention to the rpm gauge when it happens, and rise in rpm indicates slipping wheter from the trans, clutch or chain drive. If the rpm's drop you should look more at the fuel pump or the ignition system. Also the kick stand switch seems to be a common problem, may want to just bypass it and give it a ride.

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