Hayabusa Euro Fender


Hello Org I cant remember who it was exactly asking about this fender and where to get 1?? But they are rare and I just happened to see 1 on Ebay today so whomever it was that was looking just type in Hayabusa Euro Fender or item# 281126883488 :beerchug:
Yeah I've seen them with small LED lights in them or mesh screens. Unique looking fender for sure. Never seen a store or shop selling them only seen them randomly sold on Ebay??
It was me...RSD. :laugh:

I actually landed one for my first Busa back like 10+ years ago.Don't know whatever happened to it thou...

maybe it is now forsale on FleaBay.:dunno:

These were made by a company here in Manassas, VA several years ago, and they went out of business. There are still some floating around, and I hear another company may have picked up the design, but I do not know that company's name, or if it was really true, sorry. I had a white one a few months ago but I gave it away.