Hayabusa backfire


Ok. First I'm going to tell you guys what happened then I'm going to tell you what I did to attempt to fix it.

About the middle of july I was leaving work around 3 a.m. to go to my friends house. I got on the interstate and shifted all the way up to 5th gear. I'd thought I was in 6th gear but couldn't hear the engine over reving due to the fact I had my headphones in. Next thing I know I felt the bike stall momentarily and then once more a sec later. I pulled out my headphones and realized I wasn't in 6th gear. I shifted up but the bike wouldn't go faster than 170 mph. I drove it to my friends house assuming I'd fix it in the morning. I took off the breather box and saw that the 4th throttle body was shooting out gas, air, and a tiny bit of oil. My father said that the valve was messed up so I parked it till one week ago.

I've changed the spark plugs(getting good strong spark), air filter, checked fuel pump and fuel injectors(as best I could), bought a new engine, a new computer(that doesn't work due to the fact that's its a newer computer), my friend said he checked the vac lines, and some of the sensors....

I think it may be the computer(because it was flashed to bypass the govoner) or the throttle body, or the harness, or a timing issue.

Since I've installed the new engine, it's now backfiring through the 4th throttle body instead of just gas, air, and oil.
Here's an update: I went to my friends house and they showed me how the bike is backfiring through random throttle bodies now. But as soon as they unplug the camshaft sensor the bike runs smoothly. I need advice on how to fix. Because the bike won't start without the camshaft sensor plugged in.