Happy Retirement Fake Dan!


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Last night the function was held to officially retire Fake Dan from the MD AFANG...many people in attendance and a good time was had by all.

After serving years in the Navy and then in the MD AFANG, Fake Dan will now dedicate his time to just being a general pest to those of us that love him..

Congratulations Dan, and thank you for all your years of service to your country, your service is appreciated, respected and admired.

Met alot of brass from the Squadron last night ( 134 Fightin'Warthogs) A-10's for those of you unfamiliar, great group of guys who get the job done, also the C-130 folks where Teresa works, what a great bunch of people to be around:bowdown:

Today is Family day at the base so I will be riding overe there to hang out and take some pics of these beasts...and posibly taunt a Colonel into buying a Busa:whistle::laugh:

If he can imagine it wait till he sees it today:rofl::rofl:

Pics later when I get back! Again congrats Fake Dan, who loves ya brutha!:bowdown::bowdown:
Pics as promised:beerchug:





Those Warthogs are awesome! :guns: Thanks to Dan for his service and thanks to you for the pics!
Congratulations :thumbsup: and Thank You for your service to this country. I think he should be known from this point forward as Retired Dan. :beerchug:
Congrats Dan. Thank you for your years of service Brother.
Now that you have nothing to do, Jump on that Harley and head north and we can go ride for a week, That is if you don't mind riding with a MARINE.:poke:
Us ground guys love the 'Hog'; you get down in the dirt with us. Shame the Air Force thinks the F16 is a better choice for ground support-too fast....
Congrats Dan :beerchug: enjoy the retirement, maybe after a week or two you could visit angel for an extended stay :beerchug: