Gull Fuel

Tim Clancy

Just had some expensive repairs done possibly as a result of using gull fuel.. ive now been advised to use bp98 which has injector cleaner in it already, failing that shell and caltex.. not imported.. so beware..
Hayabusa 2004..
U.S. uses R=M/2 rating. Austrailia,Ron sytem.Canada different again. Austrailia's 98 would be about 92 or 93 US.

Yup,brand. Gas station chain. Tim, I would ask your fellow countrymen on here for their opinion.I just did a little qwiky research for ya and found that it seems the hi-porformance Auzzie guys seem to like BP Ultimate.


yes rsd, the suzuki guys over east said bp 98octane was best as it had injector cleaner in it and never to use the additives from supercheap etc..
not sure about the octane of gull fuel but ill never use it again after seeing the carbon build up in my head, valves and thottle bodies.. Anyway
just a heads up about using cheaper fuel, beware..