GSXR 1000 Mirrors on Gen 2

AF Chief

Has anyone put 2003/2004 GSXR1000 mirrors on a Gen 2? I like the style of these mirrors and would really like to use them on my bike. The listings of aftermarket mirrors I've looked at don't show them as interchangeable but the mirror block off plates are. This tells me they will probably bolt on but I'd like to find out it there are any reasons they won't work. Thanks for your help.
SV650 mirrors are a good option. The only mod you have to do is drill out the attachment holes to fit over the pins on the Hayabusa fairing stay.
A couple of minutes after I posted this I found a set of NOS 2001 GSXR1000 mirrors. I was looking at a parts fiche for the GSXR and it list two mirror styles...K1 and K2. One looks like stock Busa mirrors (K1) and the other has stalks without the rubber covers (K2). I want to use the ones without the cover (K2). Will the ones without the covers work on my Gen 2? Thanks for everyone's help!
Yes they will


Makin' this way too complicated.

Lots of us have them on our bikes, I've used them on both my Hayabusa's.

AND we have them in stock.

Order up, get them right out to you.

They come in the flat black pictured above/below, and the faux carbon fiber. The CF actually matches the dash of the Gen- I quite well.



Got mine from Pashnit^, like a lot of us here.
Quality stuff, not like the poor quality cheapos on ebay that vibrate badly.
got mine from pashnit and love them over stock. less vibe and a touch better with visibility.

IMG_0414 1.jpg