Great White Down... Son & Girlfriend Walked Away


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Got a dad's worse call today... Dad, I went down! 20 minute to get to them and officer on site. No one else involved, just two up Busa riding at maybe 15 mph. Oil spill! I have vids if I can get em up here. Brocks Triple Tree is sitting just a tad off on my ride home with it. The rest is in the photo's. That oil slick is not from the Busa… that is the culprit. Link to vid's in dropbox… Great White Hits Oil Slick










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Progressive was called and hope this all goes well. Will be the first non fault ticket for the family. The officer was very nice and indicated it was clear the oil on the road was the issue. His insurance had just went down by $30 per month.

As said, glad they're ok. Bikes can be fixed! Post up what he needs...


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You bet and we have had these conversations but I guess we get caught up in the excitement of riding. That oil is raw unused oil and must of came out of a large container maybe being hauled in say someone's pickup truck. I assume you guys can see the videos?

Never ride in the middle, exactly cause of spills like this. Glad they are ok


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I just hope "UP" is not what the insurance does after the fact. Lord we pay a ridiculous amount of insurance as we all have way to many vehicles as Dave Ramsey would say.... stupid on steroids.

Glad they are ok. Insurance will fix up Great White.


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He is and I as well just hate looking at it as we all three keep them so clean. I learned yesterday that in Colorado in pretty heavy traffic people will look at your big dodge in their review with emergency flashers on like what is your problem and not get out of the way.

Just as scary for dad getting that phone call I bet. Happy everyone is ok. Son must be devastated.


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There you go…. we were online last night and there are still plenty of red/white Pearl 2018's new around. I'm sure his is fixable but if it was to get totaled... "Not Likely" we would drive out of state and bring him a new one home.

#TimeCanHealAlmostEverything ~ #LessThanAnEntireYear *

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