great day for a blast...


Well, got back from New Hampshire this afternoon and what better thing to do, to cap off the  day than go for a blast on the busa. This summer i was  thinking about entering a "Best Abs" contest (yeah right) but found out today maybe I'll look for a " Most Abs" contest instead. If I didn't know better I'd swear my wife  washed and shrunk my leathers. Doesn't take long to put the winter coat on these days I reckon. But at least it was good to be back in the saddle agin.  
Went for my first ride in 3 weeks today... only about 5 miles, but yet it was a ride... forgot how the throttle responds on cold, wet roads. WOAH!!!

ABS? I got ABS on my truck... haha.. abs on me went to the wayside when I left the ARMY.