GP sensor?


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i think i have a bad gp sensor. i just bought smithabusa gear indicator when i start riding it shows all gears, after the bike is warmed up it don't show 3rd gear.
what the gp sensor actually do? the IAT sensor have anything to do with it?


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already did. i just want ot get more info. at first 6th gear was not showing he told me to remove the gps and clean it after that all gears started showing but when the bike get on the road for 10 min or longer 3rd gear stoped showing. the reason i'm asking if the IAT sensor have anything to do with the gp sensor is because i did the IAT mod. my IAT is in the left hand side ram air tube.

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IAT (is the same as a MAT on a car) has nothing to do with gear indicator.. IAT is just a thermal potentiometer


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Sounds like you have a thermal issue, but I'd call it a short of sorts......have Greg send you another one and just swap it out ????......

I've got one also 1N23455, and it works great...... :super:
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