Got to meet hawaiibusa

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Got to have lunch with Hawaiibusa and his lady today. Great guy! To bad he lives on that island! He was on a vacation stop here in San Diego so I went down to have lunch with him. Swap some stories about, what else, the bikes.

Hawaii next time you will have to lug your bike along so we can ride.

Nice meeting you and thanks again for lunch!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
cool!! is he a crusty old guy like me..i'm 50..busa makes me feel 25.......right on to meet a fellow major enthusiast.
He is in his 40's but I thought he was younger than I was. I owe him a huge apology because I forgot my digital camera so I didn't get a picture.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I was going to ride down there but the weather didn't look good so I took the cage. I am glad that I did. Gave us more time to chit chat.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Hey gang! We had our first semi national meet, and only 2 of us showed up with NO BIKES! ha ha. Thanks for coming down H.mad we had a great time. The weather is perfect here today ( sat ) so you know I gotta ride. Chat with everyone on weds night. Aloha