Got some rythm


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After passing my background and fingerprint check, I took delivery of the goods from Rhythm. Very nice indeed!

Here are the chrome grips...along with my Throttle Master.

Nice! By the way, do you use the same polish on your head as you do the bike? That's one slick tater I see in that left mirror.
I think it is an IPod MP3 Player... He has a trick stereo system on his busa.
Thinker.......who painted yer inners.......just wondered if you can get them in smooth also, or do they all still have the rough looks awesome dude.
Need my sunglasses for all that chrome! Looks good Greg!
Wasnt it worth the wait? I rather hook up a board Playa first before I go to the outside . I'm glad your happy with what I sold you and if you have any problem just give me a holla .

Now your blingn son! Once again thankz for the shout out.
Greg(Thinker) jump on almost everything I had to sell that was chrome ,his a TRu Pimp ndeed.

chrome gas cap,custom chrome hand gripz,spare blue hump
for future secret mod,and chrome stator cover.
Hey Greg where are those cheesy azz speedhut gauges you bought back in March I dont see them on your bike?
 You should have called me sooner and got a real custom indiglo gauge setup from me and 469Boy  


Looks great Greg...I like the chrome grips!  
Where'd you get all the decals?  I like the ones on your mirrors (saw them in another pic of your bike)

Damn!  I've been telling my fellow Harley riders that the reason I'm buying a Busa is so I won't spend all of my money and time modifying a, you guys keep showing me all the cool things I can do and my list of mods is getting longer than it was for my Harley!
Gee thanks!
Thinker.......who painted yer inners.......just wondered if you can get them in smooth also, or do they all still have the rough looks awesome dude.
Now that is a touchy subject for me, but I will give you the straight diddy. There is a guy that posts on the boards named Gixx1300. He lives in Florida and paints bikes. His work is awesome...He paints stuff for people all over the country. Additionally, he seems to come up with stuff that at least I hadn't seen before. Examples include painted inner fairings, that screen mod everyone is doing, and painted mirrors.

With regard to the inner fairings, Gixx does sand them down and you get a smooth finish. I got my inners painted by RaceReady instead of Gixx...Why? Because in March, I wanted to have Gixx paint new inners and send them to me so that my bike wasn't down. To make a long story short, he was never able to provide me with a cost for the painting + the new inners and delivery time. Sounds simple enough, but I would get the painting cost, then the turn around time, then the cost of new inners, but no delivery time of the new inners, etc. When June rolled around, I just couldn't wait any longer, and Gixx chose not to do anything special to get them to me in time for Laguna. Thus, I went with Race Ready.

The guy from Race Reay was nice and eager to help, and his price was a lot less than Gixx's. But (in my opinion) he is still perfecting his craft. As you can see the end product is still textured. Don't get me wrong, he never made any claims to the contrary, and they still look great, specially for the price. There is a question about clearcoat with these inners. Many say there isn't any, but the guy says he does coat them. In any case, with any rough handling, they will and do chip. After cutting holes for speakers and stuff, I have some chips.

So what do I suggest? If you have the money go with Gixx1300. Just PM him. Give yourself time! However, expect him to take longer than he says. You know how that goes.

This winter, I plan to send my inners to Gixx to have them re-done. I want what I want, and I won't have to wait for info on new product since I will be sending mine in. Plus, I will have several months to wait for them.

Sorry for the long post.