when i was looking for a BUSA. a friend of mine sent me an e-mail saying he found the perfect one for me... yeah right... so i'm not quite sure where he got the pic. but it sure is nice...

Wow Lo, you would look pretty sweet touring around on that one. hey not that you don't on the Black Busa. I am partial to Black/Silver Busas anyway.
it looks cool thats for sure

but im not one for 'modded' things too much
like i think the paint is too much

i like some of the chrome but its a lil excessive.

when i get mine, i'll for sure get chrome rims, and i duno about swing arm and frame but that prolly it

its just my opinion though what does that matter lol

Looks like some expensive chocolate, I want to grab it and take a big bite it looks so good!
Hey that bike looks familiar... I know there is a guy in this area who runs a chrome shop that makes and sells the saw tooth front wheel piece. I almost bought one but you have to give up the brakes and rotor on that side. somehow that just didn't sit too well with me. All in all sweet bike, but the drag pipes on it are loud as heck...-sure enuf to cause a hearing loss.. But the CHROME looks good!!!!

Chrome, Chrome, and more Chrome!