Gen1 brake caliper adaptors question


Does anyone know why these are harder to find that rocking horse sh*te?

Any links or help would be great.

Looking to fit any thing between and including 108mm, 100mm & 65MM

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Thanks guys.
Just bought the bike and have big plans over the winter for mods but have to deal with the brakes first. I have GSXR 750 L1 with Brembos as standard and the difference between to two bikes in terms of breaking feel has to be closed. I know the busa is never going to stop as quick as the much lighter out and out sports bike. I just need to be able to use the brakes with two fingers instead of my whole had!!!!!!

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I think you will be quite pleased with the brembo conversion. I did a 65mm Brembo conversion on my Gen1 and I have 2 finger braking capability. Of course I would recommend SS brake lines, HH pads, and a Brembo MC. That's the setup I'm running and its night and day from the stock setup I had.