Gen III, 2014?


Will we see the Gen III in 2014? What do you think it will include? How long before the new models will be shown. Cost? I like my GenII , but I,m getting the bug for NEW.
Driver's backrest, ape hangers, forward controls, etc, etc...
NO, don't say that, its tough enough now without the doubt. I hope they update it soon cause I'm ready.

You can say that again....the only reason I haven't pulled the trigger on buying a Gen II is because of the rumors of a Gen III:banghead:.
I am hoping next year Suzuki will make some more changes other than graphics and color scheme. If not probably look for a leftover 2013 if I am in a position to buy a new Busa.
I was looking for at least 1441 to 1500 cc, rad. master cylinder on breaks, and some electronics, price under 15,000. Too much to hope for, Suzuki is one step behind anymore! BUT I STILL HAVE A GREAT GEN II.
You don't see how Suzuki still has that 0% interest sale going on..... They are trying to move units and generate some revenue. Their car division over here has already gone belly up, they are not gonna put $$$ into R&D towards a niche market. The busa is 1 of those bikes where you pretty much love or hate it no real room left for indecision. The average person walking into a bike store probably isn't looking to purchase a busa. It took them 6 years to put ABS and Brembo's on a busa so be grateful for that :whistle:
Don't hold your breath. You'll be lucky to find an open Suzuki dealership in 2015.
I spoke with our Suzuki rep earlier this year, he said there are no foreseen plans for major updating.
I know many of my friends are quickly becoming Kawasaki customers...
It seems that Suzuki isnt making any changes for 2014. Even the Gsxr1000 is the same bike in general, with different graphics and color. This model came out in 2009, right behind the Gen II Hayabusa in 2008.
Too bad Suzuki is not doing all that hot. Hard to sell a lot of vehicles when you are falling behind in technology. Hard to develope new technology when you are not selling bikes. Kind of a sticky situation. Hope they get it figured out cause I don't want to ride no Ninja.
i dont think that we will even see a gen 3 in 2015... the 600/750/1000 all need to be re-done before the busa so dont hold your breath..