Gen I gas tank dent removal?


I know it is a double wall design and have not removed the filler. Wondering if the inside wall is accessible once the filler is removed, allowing some tools to sneak down to push out some small dents. The dents did not crack the paint - and even if they do - it is fine since the bike is apart for the winter to change color. If not accessible - guess bondo will have to be fix.

Input and experiences appreciated.
I used to do paintless dent repair and with the double walled design it won't work the way you would like. you might get the dent smaller but it won't be perfect. I would say stud spot the dent if it is real deep and mud the rest. If you just throw mud on a deep dent it will shrink and you will see it after you paint it.
Hot glue , and a slide hammer got a HUGE dent out of my 'Busa tank !
Not kidding ... good high temp hot glue gun ... not the cheapo arts and crafts type .
2 silver dollar sized disks of steel welded to a 1' metal rod , my brother gently tapping with a body hammer around the edges of the dent while I slide-hammered .
I wouldn't have believed it , but it worked VERY well ... :cheerleader:
All great inputs. thanks. I am wondering if I remove the fuel filler at top of the tank - will it allow access between the two walls of gas tank?
Plenty of good busa parts around.

I can find pretty clean used tanks on ebay right now for about $100. Just a thought.