Gen 2 code , c36, c38 help


I am getting a C36 and a C38 on my 2011 busa it has 14k on the motor. I filled up with gas ran into some heavy rain when the bike was low on fuel thats when the fI light came on. did the wire jumper and it showed a Code C36 and C38 secondary injector signal #1 and #3.I am thinking maybe water in tank from the rain.or bad gas but I realy don't no thanks for the help
I cant find anything in the manual about repair, just what may cause it.
thanks for the help.the busa ran good all day but when it was around E fuel light not on yet.thats when the FI light came on The bike starts and runs fine idles fine no light comes on but it surges when full throttle and then light comes on when driving
yes .pcv with brocks ct pipes. just drain the tank I am going to try and put fresh fuel in and something to get the water out .if there is any in the tank
According to the manual c36 and c38 are secondary injector failure codes

Unplug the the PC and see if the problem goes away, if it does the PC is bad!
checked the pcv out and found out whats wrong the Quick Shifter Expansion Module QEM-14 the tire rubbed a hole in the under tail ( from lowering the rear)the wiring harnness fell out and the tire rubbed two wire into and the wires goes to to injectors I will udate later going to put them back together again