Gen 1 with ECUeditor and Power Commander V ( PCV ) Problem


Here's my configuration...

Motor: 2005 (Gen1)
Turbo: Garrett GT28 "Disco Potato"
Injectors: Bosch 52lb. (550cc) with Connector Adapters
Fuel Pressure: 43psi
ECUeditor Version:
ECUeditor Map: Stock K2-K7 US, Unified Fuel and Igniton Maps, 200% Injector Size Compensation
Power Commander V - PTI (20-023-PTI): Latest Firmware ( and Zero Map

Here's my goal...

Dyno tune with ECUeditor and add boost fueling using the new Power Commander V - PTI version with integrated Bosch 3bar Pressure and Temperature sensor. I have a tuner in my area that is capable of tuning with this setup and is waiting for me to bring it to him.

Here's my problem...

Without the PCV plugged in, the motor starts up, idles and revs fine. Furthermore, ECUeditor shows the TPS% steady at 0.0 when idle and increases smoothly to 100 as expected.

However, with the PCV plugged in, ECUeditor shows the TPS% at -1.6 with the ignition on and with the motor idling, it bounces around between -1.6 and 1.7. Furthermore, the motor runs very rough and quits; most of the time it won't even start. I have performed the Throttle Position Calibration several times in the Power Commander software (v1.0.6.4) and, as indicated above, the PCV is loaded with a Zero Map.

I am on my second PCV that has the same symptoms as the previous one which was replaced under warranty with the diagnostics result being inconclusive by DynoJet. Did I get two bad PCVs or does anyone have any clues as to what is causing this anomaly?

Thanks in advance for your help.