gen 1 stock exhaust ???


if the mid pipe and muffler is removed from 1 side and blocked off would the exhaust flow thru the other side?

Or is there a devider were the 4 pipes meet not allowing this to work?

but it is possible that your busa looses power
because the expand gases need a special dia to go through without loosing speed
and the exhaust throughput should be lower
which in turn should cost performance at higher speeds .

that way of fumbling is nowhere calculated like at a standard 4 in 2 in 1
I agree, engineers put a lot of thought into what the exhaust looks like so it performs properly...messing with a stock system will only unbalance the bike...

In my opinion for what it's worth is either leave it alone or get an aftermarket system. changing out the cans for something a little more high flowing is an option as well....
Everyone in this world needs an ally, and in that spirit I kind of like the idea of losing weight, opening up the swingarm, but keeping the bike relatively quiet. It already has plenty of power but I do wonder about the slowed exhaust generating excessive heat somewhere, particularly translating back to the valves. The stock exhaust already burns up the barn.
I know and agree with all of the above.
Personally, I like the stock dual exhaust, and I don't like cutting up stock exhaust anymore, as it's getting harder to find(I did enough of that years ago, lol).
But, just as an answer to the original question, as said, yes, you can modify the the stock 4-2 header to 4-1 and have no probems.
Does it save weight? Yes
Does it change exhaust note? Slightly, but yes.
Does it look better? Some think so.
Is it ideal? No, a better flowing muffler and header would improve performance, and build up a little less heat.
Is it a big deal?
For the guy that prefers the look, and doesnt want to buy an aftermarket exhaust, nope, it will be ok.
would be intresting to see a dyno run between diffrent systems
1 muffler
2 performance cans
1 per can
straight pipe
would be intresting to see a dyno run between diffrent systems
1 muffler
2 performance cans
1 per can
straight pipe


all experiances i made
showed that the busa ALLWAYS looses power somewhere in rpm-range if the mufflers are changed to xx
only with akras no loss of power was measurable,

at a 2013 with ixil-twins the busa had a damn and strong feelable lag between 3000 - 5000 rpm - the owner moved back to originals no more lag - nowhere .
and that happened last year in my garage.