Removing 2001 stock pipes?


Hey everyone. I bought THESE shorty pipes online and figured the process would be quick and painless.

The pipe on shifter side had a simple clamp to remove and from the can to the heder came off. I checked out the brake side and there is no clamp. The pipe runs from the can to the header, welded the entire way at every bend. Has anyone come across this situation before? If so can I just cut the pipe?
If not do you have any suggestions on how to get around this? Thanks for the help!
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm My 07 had clamps on both sides. Not familiar with the 01 but I didnt think anything had changed.

I gues you could cut it off at the first weld and it would be the same as where the header and mid-pipe were supposed to meet.

Anyone know anything about 01 exhaust

and is this a stock exhaust on it now
If you cut it, it's prolly gonna be a different size.
They changed the pipe in 02, I believe. There are thousands of those header pipes around.
Go to the wanted section. Someone will surely have 1.
Yes it is 100% stock. I took off the can and shined a flashlight down the midpipe and saw there was an inner pipe so I sawed off the midpipe in the same spot the other side met the header pipe. I'm going to try to dremel around the midpipe and then try and clamp to the inner header pipe. If this doesn't work I guess I'll have to weld a smaller pipe onto the midpipe and clamp around that. I can't believe both sides weren't clamped! Frustrating!

Thanks for your feedback thus far.
Better off to chuck that header and buy a latermodel one that has the removable mid pipes on both sides.they can be bought for cheap.
yeah I'm going to have to buy newer model header pipes. The inner pipe of the midpipe (where I cut) is way too small. Do you know if a newer model header will fit an older model? Say if I buy a 2002 header, will it fit my 01? I'm not sure if they changed them that much.
Yes, they are identical except for the pipes being removable.
I have extra mid pipes if the pipe you aquire doesn't come with them.
:beerchug: Thanks for the offer. I actually do need the right side mid pipe (if sitting on the bike)in case I ever want to throw the stock cans back on. How much do you want for it? I take it with any new install I will need new gaskets as well? Are they pretty standard gaskets or should I order them online? Thanks for the info, I'm new to this site and this is also my first Busa.
Alright it's finally complete :thumbsup: I bought a new header on Ebay for $80 and gaskets from Schnitz Motorsports, Inc. for $20 including shipping. When I took off the old header I simply unbolted the radiator and moved it back a bit. This gave me just enough room to unbolt the header. The newer busa header (2002 and later) fit my 2001 perfectly and now I have clamps on both sides. The new shorties are loouuuddd and sound awesome. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, next time I mod my bike I'm checking this site first so i don't screw it up again.