Can someone put a number of RWHP it will "feel" like if I go +3 on the rear? I believe there is no real HP gain but if it feels like it does can someone quantify it? Thanks


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im up for anything that increases horsepower once it leaves the you are doing it effecting how the hp is applied mechanically. its all about gearing...small in front larger in back gives you more low end accelleration but significantly reduces top speed


To ask this question in a different way to get more responses. On a stock bike, or even modded, when someone has made a gearing change how was their 1/4 mile times and trap speed effected?

If you were to take a stock bike (round numbers) ran 10.0 consistent. Then gearing change it ran 9.8. Or did same stock bike put only did exhaust and did 9.8 its like the bike added 10-15hp like most full exhausts claim. Is there any comparison like that?
You can't believe everything you read. You didn't lose or gain HP when changing gearing. The Law of Conservation of Mass (energy has mass as well) states that mass (or energy) can neither be created or destroyed in a closed system. In other words, if nothing is added to the motor to add more hp but the output is just transmitted through different gear ratios, the power output of the motor has not changed. It is just represented in a different way.

So, if you change the gearing for more acceleration, you lose top end and vice versa. The total power (Energy) hasn't changed. Now a Dyno may not be able to properly detect the power because it is transmitted differently (faster acceleration) but the total HP is still the same. It has to be because the Law of Conservation of Mass says so... :rulez:

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! :laugh:
Don't change anything to motor when go 240 or extending but that uses up power too.
Most definitely,i've seen those big 330 rear tire/wheel combos show a loss of 25 rwhp on a dyno,also losses from a sticky tire over a harder compound tire,extended swingarm with longer chain,etc.

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