Stock hp rating question


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I was just wondering if anyone has performed a Dyno run on a stock 2000 Busa. If so what is the actual rear tire HP? I have put on a pair of Yoshimura RS 3 slip ons and now have 158 HP at the rear tire. The timing chain was off by one tooth and I have no idea how much power it had before the new mufflers. If you have a copy of the run and can attach it I would appreciate it.
150-155 is about what I've seen for bone stock. Most people don't bother with a baseline before mods, though.

The differences usually lies in how well the bike was broken-in. If it was done 'by the book' and taken 'easy' for 3000 miles, the rings don't seat well casuing excessive blow-by. Unfortunately, the manufacturers put that in the manuals to cover their ass.

Look at Every good tuner and pro-racer with which I've talked agrees with this 100%.
All the 2000 busas i've mapped the average 157-158 and 99 lbs. of torque. I broke my 2000 in hard and it made 162HP and 103 ft. Lbs. pounds of torque.
Thanks for the feed back.  At least now I know that it is running the way it should.  
By the way Narcissus the link didn't work but I was able to find the page anyway.  Thanks