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I've been on this site a thousand times since i got my busa last month,the wealth of knowledge is awesome,that being said,my ? is i am thinking about getting the yosh full system and pc for my bike. I have had 6 other bikes never a busa or a full system just slipon's. My ? is for around 1200-1500 dollars do you really notice a huge difference,i know you get 7-10 horses more and much less weight and a great sound,but for the money{kind of tight because of wife} will i notice a huge difference,and also a big thing for me is i hear on this site about tune this etc. pair valve, marble mod,running rough,etc. i dont what any problems and very low mantaince besides cleaning and lubing the chain,all the info i can get i would love ---Thanks again P.S. would the dealership be able to really do a good job of fine tuning the bike and remapping it {whatever remapping is} and after you get it remapped is that it or do you have to retune it ever once in a while again thanks you guys are the best. John
i just basically did the same thing your talking about. i got a yoshi 4-1 full race system, pc iii, air box mod w/short velocity stacks and filter, muzzy fan (cheap insurance against cheap stock plastic fan), and a tre. i bought the pipes, fan and and some water wetter from 58cycle.com for about $750 and got the stuff in 2 days. i got the tre and pc iii from fuel moto on e-bay for $290. you can also get pair valve block-offs off ebay for about $20. i got the tre in first and couldnt hep but put it on. i love it. it added a lot to the lower revs. then the next night i put everything else on. my bike idled a little low but all i had to do was idle it up. it is nutty fast now.
no maintence at all just ride it. i am going to get on the dyno this weekend and have a custom map done for it though. the block-offs eliminate the need for the marble mod and take about 5 minutes to do while your putting your header on. thats also the time to do the fan.  as far as the program on the pc iii fuel moto installed mine and the bike runs fine i just want to get the air/fuel and h.p #'s as near to perfect as possible
you can pm me if you want some more info. late

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thanks man i'm been diying to hear from someone,so is it like a big difference in power with all that or somewhat reasonable.just want to know before i spend.
yes it is a huge difference. take your stocker out rip on it. then when you put the exhaust on and do the pair mod and pc it is night and day. you dont have to spend that much either. there are usually guys selling systems here. or even ebay you can get a good deal on them then you can get a pc3 i would recommend johnnycheese map.
i am running a full muzzy system so i like it i think total i have 800 dollars in everything
yeah its totally crazy fast. i had finally got used to the power of the stock bike. now im having to get used to it again. late
IMO is the way to go for exhaust.  Brock will give you a free custom map for your PC3 ($200 plus value) and it is also one of the best full systems available.  I made about 5 or so more HP with my BDE system and his map than i did with the full Yosh RS3 and a dyno tuned PC3.  The value is there and the Tech support is second to none.

No matter what exhaust system you go with you will feel a big difference, on top of that the bike will be more responsive and you get to knock a few pounds off while you are at it.  It is the first step in submitting to the addiction called HP.  Having fun, that is what it is all about.

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put the r77 yosh 4-1 on my 09 and pair valve block off, and made a big diff. in the way the bike runs. sounds realy cool but not very loud:smad:

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I was trying to figure if he had a gen 1 or gen 2 then realized he first posted in 2006. Anyhow either way Hayabusa-J.R. if you make it back here and you have not figured it all out by now new exhaust is good.
I do think it's a noticeable difference. It's not just the hp gain but the weight reduction. The combination of the two really makes the bike feel more usable. You can flick it through corners better, it will accelerate quicker, and decelerate quicker as well.

A full exhaust system, a tunning module, block off's ,and a dyno tune will do that just correctly. No additional or future work is needed. Just follow your regular maintenance service schedule.
Brocks as above mentioned IS very good, but also VERY loud. Where as a Yoshimura or similiar is pretty quiet. Also if you have a Gen2, you have a catalytic convertor, it cooks your feet, it's great when it's gone.
Ok I think we have established he does not have a gen 2 since this post is from 2006. I would think if he could not make up his mind in 5 or so years what exhaust to get he probably never will.
Totally off topic here but how many of us actually read more than just the first post? I mean not that we would learn anything.
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Its all fun. We have good intentions. Someone else could be wondering the same thing. Just probably not the guy who first posted.