Fuel Additive (Fragrance)

I've heard about this stuff before but never used it cause I'm in California and it apparently damages your cat so it's a no go. Is interesting though from a novelty stand point.
Interesting... So it will just add fragrance right? I think its not worth the money at all.
If it is fuel fragrance (I didn't click the link) I use it in my race car. It helps knock down some of the eye burning that occurrs when running alcohol as a fuel. It also works as a top end lube, since the alcohol tends to wash away oil. Mine smells like cherries. Never tried it on anything else.
Not the same brand,, but I've used the bubble gum and grape scents ,, makes for a good sneak attack if you let other people guess where the smell is coming from,, hahaha,,also I have a stage 1 turbo,,no ill side effects,,,
i have seen it, but never tried it.
i always thought it would be funny to run yellow tires with bananna smelling exaust. :thumbs:
Run it in our race cars. Top end lube. No issues yet after 150 gallons of fuel...

Cotton Candy is the preference here....
I have the root beer and some other sweet smelling one...I put it in the lawn tractor...no problems yet...I also used in an older bike without problems. Like stated before if you are ay the track and get a whiff of that walk away because next your eyes and throat burn
I've used them, they do put off a different but good fragrance. Some smell more like race fuel.. It is also supposed to have fuel system cleaning properties so its not a total waste I guess