Frustrated, looking for advice


About two months ago, I had a fool turn left in front of me. Never saw me at all (he got out of his truck wondering what the bang was.) Insurance totaled my bike (2009 'Busa) and I bought it back for salvage. Well, the front end and brakes went out on my truck and work slowed down a lot (self-employed) and about half of the money went away. I still managed to get a lot done on the bike, but ran out of money at the fairings. The price I was pulling for OEM replacements came to just under $2k. I decided to roll the dice and buy some good looking fairings from BlissStar on E-Bay. I had read mixed reviews and knew I was taking a chance, but it was (I felt) my only chance.

I got the fairings in three days ago, and was immediately peeved. I had ordered gray fairings with white stripes and markings. The pieces I was unwrapping were black... Turns out that the pictures were taken under too much lighting and made the flat black look gray/silver. Whatever, I just decided to keep them rather than argue. (I did get him to add a note to the listing stating that the fairings were black, not gray.) I started installing Thursday and things were about what I expected. The paint was decent, a few runs and chips, with the biggest issue being that they had not painted the back side of anything, so edges were white. The fit was tight, but doable with a little grunt for the tail and front fender, which was all I got done that night. (Had to work on a few other things, too.) Yesterday, I did the nose and got to the sides...

I'm guessing that they have decent molds, but the material that they use shrinks too much as it cools or something. Where the smaller pieces like the nose and tail were just a bit tight, the side is a full 1/2" or more too short from where it connects to the nose fairing to the bolt in the rear (right side.) I cannot figure out how to get it to fit. In addition, the tabs are trash and I've been having to trim the plastic to get them to lock together. I've noticed that the underneath portion doesn't even fit to the cowling properly. The contours are off.

Basically, I don't think that any amount of trimming, drilling, pushing, or bending is going to make these things fit. I didn't have the money for OEM when I bought these, and I have even less now. I knew I was taking a chance, but it looks like I lost the gamble.

What I'm wondering is, does anyone have any advice? The guy won't take them back because he says that you have to have a professional install them and because I've cut and drilled on them to try to get them to work.

I've got the tail and nose on, and I am wondering if it is safe to ride her like this. I do not intend to race or anything, just drive around, 70-80 on the local interstate. Is there some sort of modification that I should make before I do this?

Eventually, I would like to get new OEM fairings and paint them to match the scheme that is on these chinese junks pieces, as I really like how it looks. I'm also not sure how much that is going to cost. I know that people seem to like the prices from Honda East Toledo's Justin, so I will try PMing him.
I would have gone for used, even rashed up OEM's. But that is "Monday Morning Quarterback" shid. At least your thread will serve others...I HOPE. There is a reason this crap is cheap. Because it is cheap krap.

Sounds like you need a fairing stretcher. This junk is just to small.

If you can get this stuff to bolt on using extra metal tabs,enlarging holes,etc etc...go for it. As you stated yer not headed to the salt flats,it will be fine for daily use.

How bad are yer OEM's? Fixing them yerself maybe the cheaper alternative. Cracks and rash are not that bad to fix. Even if peices are broken off,you can teach yerself to plastic weld. Them hit them with a rattle can for now.

Other around naked. For me,I've never been affected or bothered by what other people think,I do things my way.Throw this shi7 in the trash can,chalk it up to a "learning lesson" and wait for better finacial times my friend.

Shiddy first post,but yer in the right place now. :thumbsup:

:welcome: to our madness.

yeah ive been there and went the used route ...people are always selling the side that didnt get rashed etc on ebay and since youre gonna paint em thats the way id go. 2nd gen is 5 years in now you shouldnt have a problem finding used affordable oems...just gotta hunt for em. piece by piece i refitted my 02 after a crash for about $300 both sides nose mirrors and a stator cover. good luck man
Thanks, guys, I appreciate the responses. I stripped off the sides and am going to run her naked for now. I was mostly worried about possibly doing some real damage with things not normally exposed just hanging out in the wind.

I tried to fix my original fairings (with duct tape), but too many tabs are broken off. In addition, while I was in the ambulance heading to the ER, a lot of the broken bits got "cleaned" up off the side of the road and are gone forever.

Mistaforty, that's pretty much the same parts as I need, so I would definitely love to get a similar price. I'm not replacing the mirrors, though. They managed to survive with nothing more than scratches, so I sanded them and sprayed on some rattlecan undercoating. Looks pretty good with the flat black bike.
:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup:

I know one guy that ran his Busa to 272 MPH in that shape. It's called naked. So to answer your question, yes, it should be fine.
I was in a similar situation and the best advice I can give to you is......Patience :whistle: The busa is a very popular if not the most popular bike out there. With that said there's a ton of used parts on ebay and forums like this. Just keep checking daily. Check in the morning, @ lunch and befor you sleep. Keep doing this and sooner than later you will see the deal you've been searching for! In the mean time ride her like she is. A busa without fairings is still a busa........
Some one just posted a whole set of Gen2 fairing in Ohio for i think $1200!
Ill try and find the post
As long as I can ride, I can be patient. I was simply concerned about the wiring and the coolant reservoir being exposed to the wind.

Sounds like time to get her back on the road.
As long as I can ride, I can be patient. I was simply concerned about the wiring and the coolant reservoir being exposed to the wind.

Sounds like time to get her back on the road.

It will be fine to ride without fairings. Just make sure all of your connectors and hoses are secured properly before heading out though.
set up a search on ebay to notify you of new items that match your search. buy it now's can go quick.
I appreciate the advice, guys. Took her out tonight to get to class instead of my truck. SO nice to have my baby back on the road... I will definitely get the search set up to watch for those parts on e-bay. I have to add another part to the list of replacements too, after having ridden. The frame that holds the mirrors on seems to have bent in. My left hand hits the mirror during full lock right turns, now. The windshield also hits the high-beam switch. I have heli bars on, but they aren't that new, they never did that before.

Can't wait to get the fairings replaced and painted up. She's gonna look so great again. Heck, even naked, she draws eyes. Guy told me tonight that he loved her and was jealous of me. Like was said above, a naked busa is still a busa. Still fun as hell to ride and still makes people want her.

Thanks again, all. I've been a lurker here for a while, but the support on this was really great. I was getting extremely frustrated over the whole ordeal, and you guys helped me get things back in the proper perspective.