Front Axle


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Can someone tell me where to get a allen wrench to fit the front axle on the Busa? I want to change the tire.
The front axle nut takes a 24mm allen which can be obtained at Sears. In a pinch, I have used an inverted 13/16" spark plug socket ( the kind with a hex collar on the upper outside part) and I place an extension going through from the side normally used for the spark plug and use the hex part of the upper collar on the socket to act like an allen wrench and loosen the nut. If the socket is too loose, you can shim it with a couple of feeler guages in two or three places to achieve the right size. This is simply make shift but it works. I finally made a tool with 15/16" (0.937" - 24mm is actually 0.945") hexagon bar stock about 2 inches long that I place a 15/16" socket on to loosen the nut.
Garybled couldn't have said it better.............when I saw this post I was going to tell you about the spark plug wrench trick! But, Garybled was way ahead of the game. Nice work.........Ks (? I've heard the front takes a 27mm on 00-01?)