Friggin t-shirts

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All in good fun! I hope you were serious about the shirts! I am really in for 3 of them if you do it. I know your apprehension so if you don't no hard feelings. Wouldn't want you stuck with a lot of shirts.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Just get some deposits down and do it when you've got the cash. If not enough people want to pay, just return the deposits and that's that.

Let's see some of those designs you had.
Yeah Capt plz post some designs. Cant remember where I got this one but I like it.

sounds good to me!!! i have at least 5 friends with BUSA's that i would buy shirts for!!! (they better appreciate it!) like hawaii said, collect first then produce!!

i would love to respresent!!!
put me down for three, Ill pay up front with out even battin a eye. I WANT BUSA SHIRTS!!!!

let me know when and how much and Im all over it!!!
OK guys you win, we will be putting some artwork up to vote on, majority wins. If you have suggestions about artwork, or sayings, phrases, lettering on the shirts speak up or forever hold your peace. Once we post the results then I will get some quotes, just so happens that my wife is a purchasing agent for an extremely large company here and she orders shirts all the time. Hmmmmm why have I not used that resource before... Anyway once I get the price then I will figure shipping on top of that and I will take orders. Money up front !! Paypal is the way, or send me cash, but if it never gets here I am not responsible. If a check is the only way then I will not ship anything until the money clears. OK so the artwork and ideas is going to be in a new topic. Be looking for it....... Suggestions? So far between emails and board comments we already have about 50 committed orders. remember money first then shirt............

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hook it up Cap!

Hell, Ill even make a trip to OKC to hand you the money personaly!! Just let me know when and where!!
Aloha Capt- Hows those friggin shirts comin? Need confirmed orders first? promisorie notes, deposits... or just a clone of your self to do more stuff for us????
Get ready guys I should have some of the artwork tonight.... There seems to be a lot of hayabusa shirt activity on other boards, you guys sure that you are still interested?
like I sayed cap. Ill come to your door and give you the money in person, all you have to do is have the shirts made, tell me when and where to meet you and Im all over it like a short Japanese man on a bowl of fried rice!!