Fitting fairings for differant years.


I did a search but did not come up with anything. As I understand it 1999-2007 hayabusa's where almost unchanged in those years except for small changes to componets correct? I purchased a 2007 with some deep scratches in the upper fairing and side fairing. There is a set of clean fairings off a 2000 busa not far from me. My question is Will the 2000 fairings fit the 2007 without modification? Both fairings are black so other than sun fading will they be the same shade, or color code?

After looking some more on google I read that 2000 models were never offered all black. guess this guy painted them. 2000 suzuki hayabusa parts or whole

Anyways, thanks - I will have to just check them out and see how they match up.

What parts to you need, I just replaced all my plastic and have lots of good plastic I will be getting rid of soon... 07 all black .... now blue and black