Fit for a busa?!


Hi guys ,Ricky from Italy here....I have been riding a cbr 600 for 2 years, with enduro bikes before that, so I was thinking to give a shot to the heavyweight class....busa/zx-12 is the obvious dilemma...

my question is: I am 5.9 tall, 140 lb. not a couch potato, actually I am pretty fit and ripped, (job: chiropractor/wellness trainer) I race/freeride on MTB.... but I was wondering if the busa weight and seat height could cause some distress during out-of-the-ordinary manouvering....
haven't tried one yet, and I don't know anybody that owns one ...
anybody in the forum about my size that can bring out some words of wisdom?!
I am 5' 11" and heavier than you. I almost bought a ZX-12 last June but did not like the way it handled for a distance. I bought the Busa and I am very pleased that I did, both short rides and long.