First oil leak....


I went out to move my busa in the gym to a different location and saw a few drips on the rubber floor.... I thought that i for sure had an o-ring leaking on the oil line that attaches to the block. Figured maybe i pinched it. I changed the oil back in june. As it turns out I had the oil filter leaking. It is the first time I have ever had an oil filter leak that I installed. It was also the first amsoil filter I have ever used. Probably just a coincidence, but it sure makes me go hrm. It is by no means a major leak, but a leak none the less. I have just never had an oil filter leak.
I'm sure you made sure the surface was clear and clean and that you lubed the o-ring a little. Never had a filter leak and I hand tighten my filters only.
might sound like a silly question but you got the old o-ring off before you out the second filter on correct?
I think every one of us that does our own work has done that mistake before.
My oil filter blew it's o-ring seal about 5 miles from my house. Not good times.. I'll only buy factory or K&N filters from now on. Leaning toward factory Suzuki.