Finally bought a Busa

Hey everybody, I've been checking out the org for a while. (bought a blk/purp '04 back in March) I'm currently in Iraq on my 3rd combat tour and I'm lovin' all the knowlege, information and wisdom that I've found in all the posts. I've been riding for close to ten years....owned a gixxer 600, 750, Kawi Zx10, and finally got the big boi....1300 Busa. I look forward to modding 'ol girl out and it will be pretty easy since you guys have made all the mistakes already:laugh:

Take care everybody, and keep the shiny side up!!
Hey Scott!

It was a pleasure meeting you... and your lang loi! ;-)

Your the first Hayabusa guy I've talked to in person up here so one of these days we'll have to go for a little ride!

Again, really nice bike you have!

Looks very nice! Congrats!:beerchug:

With all the downings posted here lately, KEEP THE SHINY SIDE UP!!!!!! Stay safe and ride her properly!
Sweet colors! I'm partial to blue, truck is blue but I ended up with a red/blk bike. ???

:welcome: to the .oRg!