Finally bought my first Haybusa!


Well i picked up my first Hayabusa finally. I've always wanted to get a 2nd gen and finally ran across deal on this 2009 with 2400 miles. Loving it so far. I bought it strechted and lowered but I will be raising it back to stock height and swb soon.

2009 hayabusa.jpg
:welcome: That busa looks pretty clean sitting low like that. How far out is that stretched 6inches?
Thanks for the replies! I'll share a lil info about the bike. It has a brocks sidewinder 14' exhaust on it,bmc race,tre,pc5,pair mod, custum dyno tune,shorai lithium battery,stretched 6 inches and lowered from whati can tell as far a possible in the front and on the second slot of a 3 slot dog on the back. Still has the factory front tire and has a 200 dunlop qualifier rear tire. -1 front sproket with stock back sproket..Also has a speedo healer. Things I will for sure be doing.I going back to stock height and length( I dont run at the track much and if i do i ran well on my gsxr 1000 stock height so ill be ok lol). Just ordered some helibar risers,dan moto adjustable rearsets,and a saddleman gel seat. I really want this to be more of a comfortable hypersport tourer. May also ditch the sidewinder for an alien head as it will effect my ablity to take corners like i like