FI probs

Thanks to Narcissus;
Remove the rear seat/hump and look on the left side for a covered connector. It should have two wires going to a 4-pin connector. With the ignition on and kill switch off (run position), jump the two wires on this connector. Look at the dash at the top display. It will reveal a code or codes listed sequentially. If you already have a manual, look in chapter 4 for the codes (the manual is available here, although I think it is currently not working). In the mean time, post any codes and I will translate.

BTW, C00 is the 'normal' code (no errors). This needs to be done when you get an FI light. All codes will be reset when you turn the ignition to the 'off' position and you will only see them again if a sensor has already failed or until the conditions for the previous failure are met again.
don't forget to have the bike alresdy with the FI light flahing before you connect the wires.
If the key is off and then cycled on you will lose code
You can also get a switch, cut the connector and run wires to your dash or wherever else you want them. I have one in the dash and can do 'in-transit' diagnosis. :D

That was actually useful once night when I had a power drain after activating the high-beam, three horns and brake lights which made a power loss in one of the coils for 2 or more engine cycles.