how do  i use special tool "paperclip"?????


how,and where do i use "special tool" paperclip? .Need help, the hog is dead and all i get is a flasing light saying fi,should be FU.HELP.

They got this brand new information dealy that you can access with a computer and a phone line.......  I think it's called the WORLD WIDE  WEB or something like that. :drool:    ......Ya type in what your looking for and the poop just pops up

Try This TLS Busa codes

This is a TLR /S page but the codes are pretty much the same and it tells ya how and where ya use the paper clip as the "jumper wire"

Get that thing runnin OK   :cool:
The codes specific to the busa are in the service manual. If you don't have one, then please send me $1000 or just email me.

I'd really appreciate it if you chose the first option, though. ;)