Feeling stressed?


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Holy cow people!
Driver goes on rampage cuz their "stressed".WTF?


Rampage with a SUV
wanna hear a scary around it? My wife works in the area he hit all those people in SF and usually goes to the gym at about the time he was on the rampage. Yesterday she decided that she needed to finish the report she was working on and do the gym on Wednesday instead.

Good for me, this time, that she was blowing off going to the gym.
This thread is worthless without Video.  

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NO!!!-no vid please. Id just get more pizzd...that guy needs to be slammed into a mental institution for NO LESS than 20 years. I dont care if he does come around before then-he needs to be stuck with the crazies after something like that, for a very long time.
What I think he sould REALLY get tho-is to go back to work, and have EVERY SINGLE DIME HE MAKES sent to the families of those he injured. ALL his possesions should be confiscated n auctioned off, and if he refuses to work, the govt. should THEN throw his azz in with the crazies and NOT give him any medication while he has to sit there with BoBo n Lucy playin checkers while they argue with their imaginary friends. fuggn crazy sumbich...
Video in the link, you have to read and not just look at the pictures!!